7/19 Court News from Karen (Woodstock Open is coming!)

I’m happy to announce a TENNIS ELBOW TALK by Jamie Dreyer, the best selling author of “Tennis Elbow Treatment” at the club Saturday, July 22 at 11 AM. This talk is free. If you would like to attend, send Karen an email. During this brief clinic, you will learn :

  • What tennis elbow is and what causes it
  • Why RICE can help in the moment but does nothing  long term
  • The ONE EXERCISE clinically proven to heal tennis elbow once and for all
  • Which racquets are the worst for tennis elbow

Woodstock Open is coming. Get details entry form in “2017 Forms” post.


I’ve had a few complaints lately about noisy dogs distracting players. While we don’t enforce a strict no dog policy, I think that common sense is the best policy.    Basically, if your dog makes any kind of noise, like barking or crying, LEAVE HIM OR HER AT HOME! Especially in this heat, putting the dog into a car even with open windows is not smart and you are never guaranteed to get an end court with an awning. The dog noise is annoying and distracting to many players, so while no official policy exists, we really do prefer that you leave your dogs at home. If your dog is perfect (and I know of at least one) an exception could be made!


The tournament had good weather for the finals last Sunday. Here is a list of    some of the winners:

Men’s Doubles: Shawn Holzmann and Dave Jutton

Women’s Doubles: Karen Gill and Ashley Haley

Mixed Doubles : Shawn Holzmann and Shannon Mulcahy

Senior Mixed: Tom Turco and Karla Wainright

Men’s Senior Mixed: Tom Turco and Ravi Ramaswami


The Singles Portion of the Tournament is this weekend and we have a few club players playing. Here is the schedule of some of the first rounds, which could change if it rains. The Finals will be played at Forsyth Park this Sunday (weather permitting, starting at8:30.   Men’s and Women’s Finals will be at 11 AM on Sunday:

Karen Gill vs Elyssa Staub   Friday      5:30   Forsyth Park

Nok North vs Aliyah Feeney,   Friday   7:30 PM   Forsyth Park

Andrea Grunblatt vs Claudia Brown      Friday   7:30 PM   Forsyth Park

Rains Jordan vs Greg Tellier ,   Thursday   5:30pm    Forsyth Park

Paul Solis-Cohen vs Don Guidi      Thursday   5:30PM   UCCC in Stone Ridge

Dewitt Nelson vs Dave Loewen,   Thursday   5:30PM   UCCC in Stone Ridge

Doug Milford vs Kerry Ford,   Thursday,   5:30   at KHS in Kingston

Larry Lux vs Mark Richardson,   Thursday,   5:30   at KHS in Kingston

See you on the Courts!