Fall is the best!

Mitch Adler, next year’s head pro, is looking to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom house or apartment on this side of the river. If you have a lead, please contact him directly at 541-914-1728 or mitch.adler.tennis@gmail.com. Also, group and private lessons with Mitch will continue as long as the weather permits.

Free Community play starts on Sunday, October 1. Please welcome new faces. If they are not familiar with the Club’s policies, remind them to sign in and sweep after playing. Free play does not include weekend mornings (even for current Members).

Steve Josephs would like to thank everyone for the lovely card and gift certificate he received from some of the Thursday Night Mix n’ Match regulars. He is very appreciative and looks forward to another successful season next year.

Both Steve and Mitch will be teaching at Black Acre this winter.

Closing Day for the Club is usually around November 1st.