Manager’s Message

Greetings, fellow tennis enthusiasts. It is almost time for another season of outdoor tennis (although you would never know it looking at the snow coming down today!). I am both proud and honored to introduce myself as the new Club Manager of Woodstock Tennis Club. While I know that I can never replace Karen Gill and that I have some large tennis shoes to fill, I will do my best to make Woodstock Tennis Club the best that it can be for you, our members! Although Karen was also the Head Pro, Mitch Adler will now be stepping up to that role. Together, Mitch and I will work to oversee the operations of the club. You can find me at the club on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings as well as at special events but please know that I am always available by phone, text or email if you need something so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question or problem. Mitch will be at the club most of the time that I am not and is willing and able to assist you as well. We are both very interested to know your thoughts about the club and welcome your suggestions and feedback.

For those of you who have not had the privilege of working with Mitch last year, he brings over 30 years of experience teaching tennis. He has played and taught tennis all over the world and his resume is quite impressive. He would be happy to share his resume with you so, if you are interested in seeing it, please ask him for a copy. Mitch will be introducing some new programs this summer so please be sure to check them out.

Steve Josephs will be teaching tennis at Woodstock Tennis Club again this year and will continue running his Thursday night mixers starting in June. He has been teaching at our club for over 25 years and possesses a vast knowledge and enthusiasm of the game that he would love to share with you.

If you haven’t done so already, please send in your membership application and fees now to take advantage of the early pay discount. The club will open, weather permitting, the first full week in May with free guest play throughout the month, except for weekend mornings. Also, if you haven’t done so already, please be sure to follow Woodstock Tennis Club on Facebook so you don’t miss any of the upcoming events. Mitch will be sharing some of his wonderful candid photos and I will try to keep you updated on what’s happening at the club.

We hope to see you at the opening party at the end of May. Please be sure to introduce, or re-introduce yourself, to us as we would love to meet you, or get to know more about you. Mitch, Steve and I are looking forward to another successful season at Woodstock Tennis Club.


Sharon Crego, Club Manager

Woodstock Tennis Club