Fall is the best!

Mitch Adler, next year’s head pro, is looking to rent a 1 or 2 bedroom house or apartment on this side of the river. If you have a lead, please contact him directly at 541-914-1728 or mitch.adler.tennis@gmail.com. Also, group and private lessons with Mitch will continue as long as the weather permits.

Free Community play starts on Sunday, October 1. Please welcome new faces. If they are not familiar with the Club’s policies, remind them to sign in and sweep after playing. Free play does not include weekend mornings (even for current Members).

Steve Josephs would like to thank everyone for the lovely card and gift certificate he received from some of the Thursday Night Mix n’ Match regulars. He is very appreciative and looks forward to another successful season next year.

Both Steve and Mitch will be teaching at Black Acre this winter.

Closing Day for the Club is usually around November 1st.

2017 Fall Tournament Results

See our FaceBook page for photos…

Karen says: Our 2017 Fall Open Tournament was a huge success both on and off the court. We had several very entertaining matches with lots of spectators and Lynn Patterson, once again, provided us with a great spread at our end of the year party. Thank you Lynn! Many agreed that this was our best tournament ever and certainly the hottest one I can remember in years. Steve Josephs and I would like to thank everyone that participated in the tournament and came to watch. We had a great time organizing it!


MS: Jacek Wojtowicz d. Ravi Ramaswami 6-4, 6-0
WS: Claudia Brown d. Nok North 6-2, 6-4
MD: Matt Canzonetti/Vern Chrisjohn d. Bill Blake/Jay Han 6-0, 1-6, 7-6 (5)
XD: Karen Gill/Matt Canzonetti d. Claudia/Michael Brown 6-3, 5-2 (ret’d)
WD: Nok North/Sharon Crego d. Vivienne Hodges/Elyssa Staub 6-2, 6-3


Tournament Finals. Party starts at noon. Pot luck. Bring a lawn chair if you can.

10:00 MS: Jacek Wojtowicz vs Ravi Ramaswami
10:00 WS: Claudia Brown vs Nok North
12:00 MD: Matt Canzonetti & Vern Chrisjohn vs Jay Han & Bill Blake
2:00 WD: Vivienne Hodges & Elyssa Staub vs Nok North & Sharon Crego
3:00 XD: Karen Gill & Matt Canzonetti vs Claudia & Michael Brown

Tournament! Party! Annual Meeting! (9/16-17)…and more

We had a wonderful first weekend of the Annual WTC Open Tournament. Beautiful weather, great tennis and lots of spectators. Play will continue with the Semi-Finals on Saturday and the Finals on Sunday.

For last weekend’s exact scores, please consult the draw sheets at the club.

The end of the year potluck party will be held on Sunday, starting at noon. The club will be providing some food. Attendees are asked and expected to bring something to eat to the party. If you don’t cook, bring a six-pack or bottle of wine. Also, there will be quite a few people watching the tournament matches, so bringing a portable lawn chair might be a good idea. At least 3 courts will be reserved for a Round Robin from 12-3.

The Bondholders Meeting will be held on Sunday at 9 AM. If you are a bondholder, please come!

Here’s┬áthe Semi-Final Schedule for Saturday:

10:00 AM Ravi Ramiswami vs Bill Blake (Men’s Singles)

10:00 AM Claudia Brown vs Melissa Germano (Women’s Singles)

11:00 AM Elyssa Staub vs Nok North (Women’s Singles)

NOON Jacek Wojowicz vs Bradley Hack (Men’s Singles)

1:30 PM Mitch Adler and Ravi Ramaswami vs Matt Canzonetti and Verne Chrisjohn (Men’s Doubles)

1:30 PM Tom Turco and James Steinberg vs Bill Blake and Jay Han (Men’s Doubles)

3:00 PM Lila Freeman and Vyda Vandenberg vs Nok North and Sharon Crego (Women’s Doubles)

3:00PM Elyssa Staub and Vivienne Hodges vs Andrea Grunblatt and Randy Sutherland

3:30 PM Tom Turco and Karla Wainwright vs Claudia and Michael Brown (Mixed Doubles)

4:00 PM Karen Gill and Matt Canzonetti vs Dana Patton and Jeff Viglielmo (Mixed Doubles)

Morning Drills: Mitch says he will continue drills until Friday, Sept 22. 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Free Community play (for non-members) will not start until October 1st and always excludes weekend mornings.