Adults may join as a general member (annually), or as a Certificate Holder. Rates and perks vary as described below. See our “Pros & Programs” page for an overview of activities available.

Certificate Holders get the best rates for memberships, guest pass perks, reduced  lesson prices, plus free play for children. They may also vote at the annual meeting. The cost is $3500/couple, $2000/person and may be paid over time. Certificate fees are intended to be refundable if you leave the club (depending on the club’s annual financial standing). Be a contributor to the success of our volunteer-driven club!

Rates for members’ children are also shown below.

2020 Membership Rates
Please see the updated WTC Membership Application on the “Forms” page. These rates reflect special COVID-19 reductions.

Certificate holders and repeat (returning) annual members pay lower prices if they pay early. New annual members always pay the lower, “early pay” price. Rates are per person, and include NYS sales tax.

* With paid membership ** Prices for first child, additional children

Member type Cert.
Repeat Member New 2019
  New 2020
          First time only!
Unlimited play 535 585 351   292
20 Days’ play 382 459  
Off-peak: M PM, Tu-Th, F PM 337 337  
Daily: PM Only 355 355 225   180
Under 24 (No play Sa/Su/Hol) 90 90  
Members’ Children (Ages 6-18) Free* 90 + 54**  
Guest passes included 5*