2019 New Member Promotion

Special rates for first time members (one year only). Save up to 50{c25c770e146dc7b524f251020f465433e32d7b5246c44edfd36aeb31b4467c50}!!

Full, unlimited play membership only $325.

Daily “PM Only” membership only $200 (for play after 12 noon).

Special application form available here and on the “Forms” page.

Still plenty of play!

The targeted closing date for the club is Monday, 11/5. Free community play is in effect until then except on weekend mornings.

We will be having a club cleanup party on Saturday, 11/3, at 10 AM with a rain date of Sunday, 11/4. Tables, chairs and benches will be stacked and put in the clubhouse and shed. As they say, many hands make light work so please come and help if you can. It shouldn’t take more than a half an hour or so if we get enough volunteers.