Court Policies

All players must complete a WTC Waiver for Adults

Court Assignments

  • All players must sign in before playing
  • Courts are assigned first-come, first-served after your full group arrives
  • Court assignments are 1 1/2 hours for 4 players, 1 hour for 2 or 3 players
  • Juniors: no play before Noon Sat/Sun/Hol if adult members are waiting
  • Players should wait 15 minutes after coming off before re-signing for a court (if courts are full)
  • Players must use available courts, and not ask other players to vacate their court


  • Guests must sign in before playing
  • Members must identify their guests at the desk before playing
  • Members’ Guests: $20/day
  • Drop-in Guests: $25/day
  • Free community play pre-season and post-season except weekend mornings (see calendar for dates)
  • Each person may be a guest not more than 5 days/season