2016 Ulster County Tournament Results


3.5 Men’s Doubles Finalists — Doug Milford-Norm Magnusson
3.5 Men’s Doubles Champions — Larry Lux-Jake Guralick

3.5 Mixed Doubles Finalists — Scott and Jody Mallen
3.5 Mixed Doubles Champions — Bailey Kretschmer-Brandon Belaski

3.5 Women’s Doubles Finalists — Nok North-Dana Patton
3.5 Women’s Doubles Champions — Elissa Staub-Lisa Cutten

Sr. Men’s Doubles Finalists — John Zerb – Nick Hummel
Sr. Men’s Doubles Champions — Ravi Ramaswami-Tom Turco

Super Sr. Doubles Finalists — Jim Donavan-Charlie Lay
Super Sr. Doubles Champions — James Steinberg-Tom Turco

Open Mixed Doubles Finalists — Matt Canzonetti – Karen Gill
Open Mixed Doubles Champions — Shawn Holzmann-Shannon Mulcahy

Men’s Open Doubles Finalists — Tom Turco-Scott Taylor
Men’s Open Doubles Champions — Shawn Holzmann-Dave Jutton


Open Women’s Singles Finalist — Shannon Mulcahy
Open Women’s Singles Champion — Karen Gill

Open Men’s Singles Finalist — Ravi Ramaswami
Open Men’s Singles Champion — Shawn Holzmann

3.5 Men’s Singles Finalist — Mike Hommel
3.5 Men’s Singles Champion — Tomas Pesko West

Sr. Men’s Singles Finalist — Vic Ricci
Sr. Men’s Singles Champion — Richard Juman

Consolation Women’s Finalist — Tessa Stanley
Consolation Women’s Champion — Andrea Grunblatt

Party July 2nd

Holiday Pot-Luck Party and Doubles Round Robin! Saturday July 2nd from 12-3. (Rain date July 3)

The club will supply drinks, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs. Please bring a side-dish or salad with serving utensils. This is also a great way for new members to meet players.

Steve Josephs will conduct the round robin.