Sunday, September 25 Event

The Bondholder’s meeting will be held on Sunday at 11AM.

The End of the Year Party will be held right after the meeting at about Sunday Noon. This is a Pot Luck Party, meaning the club will just provide food for the BBQ. If you are coming, please bring something to eat. Salads, finger foods, etc. People who do not cook (you know who you are!) can bring beer. If you like wine please bring wine. Jesse will be the Grill Master!

We will be playing tennis, so come dressed to play. We expect the party people to take up all the courts. Party is from 12-3.

Final 2016 Woodstock Open

Steve Josephs and Karen Gill would like to thank everyone that played in the tournament and the numerous spectators. It was a great weekend. The matches were suspenseful and exciting.

Men’s Singles: Shawn Holzmann defeated Jacek Wojtowicz 6-4,6-7 (15-17), 7-5. The match lasted 3.5 hours, including that 32 point tiebreak! A┬áspecial thanks to Rich Kaufman, chair umpire extraordinaire.

Women’s Singles: Sera Satkowski defeated Nok North 6-4,6-0.

Men’s Doubles: Vern Chrisjohn and Rob Sohm defeated Jess Chalfin and Ravi Ramaswami 7-6 (7-4), 2-6, 6-1.

Women’s Doubles: Vivienne Hodges and Elyssa Staub defeated Lila Freeman and Vyda Vandenberg 6-1,7-5. Our youngest-ever Open finalists (12 years old!).

Mixed Doubles: Matt Canzonetti and Karen Gill defeated John Zerbo and Sera Satkowski 6-3, 6-4. A big thank you to Sera for making the hour long trip up to the club – she helped to make the tournament more interesting on the women’s and mixed side.

Unbelievably More Woodstock Open

Sunday Finals!

10AM MS Shawn vs Jacek
10AM WS Sera vs Nok
NOON MD Jesse/Ravi vs Vern/Rob
1PM XD Karen/Matt vs John/Sera
1PM WD Vivienne/Elyssa vs Lila/Vyda

If it rains, matches may be rescheduled to next weekend. Call the club for more info 679-5900.

Still More Woodstock Open

Saturday Schedule (Sep 17)

10AM Bill Blake/Chris Metz vs Jesse Chalfin and Ravi Ramaswami
10AM Elyssa Staub vs Nok North
11AM Karen Gill and Matt Canzonetti vs Dana Patton and Lester Fensterheim
NOON James Morrison and Richard Juman vs Vern Chrisjohn and Rob Sohm
NOON Sera Satkowski vs Laurie Hedlund
1PM Shawn Holzmann vs Bill Blake
2PM Vyda Vandenberg and Lila Freeman vs Nok North and Dana Patton
2PM Vivienne Hodges and Elyssa Staub vs Elin Posner and Melissa Mayes
3PM Patty and Barry Aaronoff vs John Zerbo and Sera Satkowski
3PM Jesse Chalfin vs Jacek W.