More Court News from Karen

Our OPENING DAY PARTY IS THIS SATURDAY, May 28 from 12-3 pm.  Please come dressed to play as this is a doubles Round Robin event. Courts will be rotated every 45 minutes.  Food will be provided by the club but if you want to bring a  dish or a bottle of wine or a 6-pack of beer, feel free to do so!  If you are vegan, please bring a dish too.

PARTY RAIN DATE :  The rain date is SUNDAY, MAY 29 (same time)  but weather looks iffy for both Saturday and Sunday, so we are going to try to have it on Saturday.  If you are in doubt, please call the club at 679-5900.  There will be someone there all morning.

END OF FREE PLAY : This Party also ends the period of FREE COMMUNITY PLAY which means that players now have to be a Member to play or pay a guest fee.  Certificate/Bond Holders have the right to 5 free guests.  Guests must be on the court with the Bond Holder. If you  are a guest or invite a guest please notify the person at the desk BEFORE you go out onto the court..

MORNING DRILLS begin on Tuesday, May 31st at 9:30 am. $15 for Members, 20$ for Non-Members  (tennis sneakers required)

THURSDAY NIGHT MIX N MATCH begins this Thursday June 2 at 5:30.  Free for Members, $20 for non Members (tennis sneakers required)

WHERE TO PUT THE BRUSHES AND LINE CLEANERS AFTER YOU SWEEP?  Please place them on the  middle fences so they are accessible to everyone.  Please do not leave the brush side laying down on the ground.

MEMBER TOURNAMENT: Yes!  The annual Members-Only Tournament will be held this year from  June 11th to June 19th.  This event is free for all Members  but you must be available to play. All matches, except for the Finals, will be a Pro-Set, meaning that the first player or team to reach 8 games wins. Matches will be played mostly on the weekend afternoons so as to not disrupt  regular play.   Winners must  win by 2 games.  Players provide the balls.  For more info, consult the registration forms which are at the  front desk or ask Karen or Steve.  Registration forms are due by  Thursday, June 9thCategories are:  Men’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

Tennis Bags on Tables and Chairs : Please refrain from putting your tennis bags on the patio tables and chairs.  We have hooks on the  clubhouse that can be used or you can place your bags on the ground.

See you on the courts!

Court News from Karen

Opening Day PartyOur Opening Day Party will be on Saturday, May 28th  from 12-3.  Lunch will be provided and a Round Robin will be organized so come dressed to play!  Spouses and non-members are welcome.  This is a great opportunity for new Members to meet  players. If it rains, the rain date will be Sunday, May 29th.

New Pro!Welcome Jesse Chalfin, our new WTC pro.  Jesse  has been teaching tennis at various facilities the past few years and is PTR Certified.  He is 23 years old (young and fast!)  and is the son of Donna Travers and Mark Chalfin. He was a favorite pro at our Breast Cancer Fundraiser last year and is an excellent player as well as a very enthusiastic and positive coach.  He cannot attend our Opening Day party as he is graduating from college that day (we understand your priorities, Jesse!)  but he will start working on June 13th.   Besides private lessons, Jesse will also give group lessons of all levels and early morning and late afternoon cardio tennis drills and specific lessons targeting volleys, serves, doubles strategy etc.. We will keep you posted on the times and days.  We hope that you will keep him very busy!

Morning Drills : Our morning drill sessions will start on Tuesday,  May 31st from 9:30 – 10:30.  As always, it is a drop-in session and is limited to 8 players. You must be present to sign in.  To participate, you must be able to hit  groundstrokes, volleys and be willing to move as the goal is to  work on strokes but also get  a good workout at the same time. The price this year will be $15 for Members and $20 for non-members.  Myself, Steve Josephs and Jesse will be conducting drills this year. The schedule will be :
Mon: Jesse
Tue: Karen
Wed: Karen
Thu: Jesse
Fri: Steve
Karen will take over Jesse’s drills before June 13.

Thursday night Mix n’ Match  will begin on June 2nd, starting at 5:30 pm.  Same format as last year – free for Members and $20 for non-members. As always, Mix n’ Match takes priority over individual games.

Desk Duty :  Desk Duty (8am -noon) will start on Saturday, May 28th.   We would like to welcome Terry Leroy who will on the desk 2 weekday mornings.  Jesse Chalfin will also be on the desk as well, 1 morning a week,  as well as Steve Josephs and Carol Vigliemo.  Please make their job easier by signing in before  playing.  Jesse and Terry might not know everyone in the beginning, so make sure to introduce yourself!

Insurance Waivers:  We have a new insurance company that is demanding that every player sign an insurance waiver.  If you have a guest, please make sure they sign one before playing.  We will make sure that they are available even if the clubhouse is closed.

2016 Waiver Policy

Starting in 2016, everyone who uses the courts must sign an insurance waiver. A parent/guardian must sign for children under 18. (Waivers are required by our new insurance company.) Printed waivers are available for guests to sign at the clubhouse, or, download them here:


You must sign a waiver if you are:

  • a member
  • a (playing) guest
  • a community player (during “free play”)
  • playing at drills, Thursday mixers or parties
  • taking a lesson
  • a tournament participant
  • parent or guardian of (playing) juniors (e.g. camp, lesson, tournament, free play)
  • any other player



  • Complete a waiver form if you have not done it already.
  • Sign in before playing. Specify the exact time you start on the sign-in sheet.
  • Tread as lightly as possible. The courts are soft. Repair any divots you create by replacing the material and packing it in with your foot.
  • Remember to sweep and clean the lines after you play.
  • Wear only tennis shoes (running or cross training shoes damage the courts).
  • Weekend mornings are reserved for members who have Full Memberships or 20 Day Memberships.

Welcome, non-members:

  • You may play at no charge (except weekend mornings) until our Opening Day party on May 28th.
  • You must complete a waiver to play (required by our insurance company).
  • Please introduce yourself – you may find some new tennis partners!