2016 Memberships

Dear WTC Members,

This past season, WTC courts were very crowded Monday and Friday mornings, and on weekend mornings court were underutilized. A Board subcommittee spoke with 36% of the membership (excluding only bondholders who took the Unlimited option in 2015). The subcommittee explored how members would respond if the weekday option were eliminated and if Friday morning play were eliminated from midweek membership.

They found that 70% of weekday members and 20-day members would switch to unlimited at a price of $595. Half the mid-weekers we spoke with would remain Mid-weekers even without the Friday morning option, the other half might leave the club. Based on these responses, the Board decided to modify memberships for the 2016 season as follows:

  • Weekday membership eliminated
  • Midweek Membership now to run Monday PM (after 12 noon), all day Tuesday thru Thursday, Friday PM (after 12 noon)
  • Revised dues will be described in full in the 2016 newsletter but unlimited rates for non-bondholders will be set at $595 (down from $740)

Additionally, on Monday and Friday mornings, only one court will be used for lessons/drills.

Of course, we will not know until next season if these changes will resolve our court use problems. So be prepared for the possibility of more tweaking next October. This problem largely is due to our growing membership. While it has caused some inconvenience, it has also allowed us to avoid greater price increases while expenses invariably go up each year.

We are working to be responsive to our membership and appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you to the members of the subcommittee for their comprehensive efforts.

David Marell
President, WTC

Volunteer for club closing maintenance, Saturday October 31, 10AM

The outdoor tennis season is coming to a close. We need a few people to help put away the patio furniture and help with the details of preparing for the winter. Please come Saturday at 10 AM. We need your help. It will not take very long.

Bonus, anyone who helps will receive a free margarita or appetizer at the new Santa Fe restaurant opening soon on Route 28 and Maverick Rd.

Oval Tennis will be putting the club into hibernation the following week, including removing the nets and screens. It has been a long season, over six months.

Woodstock Open Results

XD Karen Gill/Matt Canzonetti def. Milly Back/Ravi Ramaswami
MS Nick Jasso def. Jacek Wojtowicz
MD Vern Chrisjohn/Rob Sohm def. David White/Jay Hahn
WD  Elyssa Staub/Vivienne Hodges def. Elin Posner/Ellen Casciaro
WS Elyssa Staub and Claudia Brown will be held 9/26 at 1 PM

Thanks to all the players and fans!!

Junior tournament next weekend!

Nick, Karen & Jacek…