Ulster County Champions from WTC

B Women’s doubles: Elissa Staub and Lisa Cutten
B Men’s doubles: Jake Guralnick and Larry Lux
Open Women’s doubles: Karla Wainwright and Lisa Cutten
B Women’s singles: Nok North
B Men’s singles: Doug Milford

A number of other members played as well… See MidHudson Tennis News for more…

(Apologies for the inevitable misses in member/winner matching!)

Tournament Update…(1 match to go)

Thanks to all the tournament players. Our champions and finalists…

Women’s Singles : Sharon Crego def. Lisa Cutten
Men’s Doubles     : Kenny Bock/Gary Stern def. Peter Koch/ Al Arioli
Men’s Singles       : Rains Newton def. Paul Solis-Cohen
Mixed Doubles     : Paul Solis-Cohen/Maria deFranco def. Lisa Cutten/Martin Harris
Women’s Doubles: Dana Patton/Cinnamon Rinzler vs. Alice Goodman/Cynthia Goldberg (winner TBD)